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We are purveyors of false eyelashes.
We are lashaholics on-the-go.
We are lash wearers with a jet-set life.
We are obsessed with all things Mod.
We are the creators of the first-ever refillable false eyelash compact!

Bullseye: a play on words; clearly associated with the eye, the part of the face where false eyelashes are worn; another name for the Mod target

The idea: to create a travel-friendly, functional and fashionable accessory for false eyelash aficionados

The first eighteen styles in the 'Just a Girl...' collection were inspired by some of the most sensational female Pop and Rock icons of our time. Part two of the collection drew influence from classic, lash-worthy silver screen muses. 'Just a Girl...' aspires to encompass the charisma and personality of these beauties into a thirty-one style collection of refillable lash compacts and lash refills. The eyelash styles range from natural to glamorous to dramatic.

Thank you for choosing to travel with Bullseye.